The Perfect Fit System

PerfectFit_v3.0If you’re looking for a finishing contractor, discover how to get your project done faster, done right, and done on-budget, all at no extra cost to you.

Whether you’re with a private company or a public organization … in retail,
hospitality, health care, education, or another sector, choosing a contractor can seem overwhelming.

You may have questions like these:

  • Where can I find a reputable contractor?
  • How much experience should they have?
  • What qualifications do I look for?
  • How important is safety training?

If you don’t get the right answers, you may choose the wrong vendor for the job — and make a costly mistake.

That’s because choosing an unskilled, unqualified contractor for your project can lead to problems like these:

  • More staff-hours to finish the job, requiring more time and money
  • Unsafe work sites (and possible lawsuits)
  • Missed deadlines (and the headaches that result)
  • Greater need for repairs (and higher maintenance costs)

By contrast, using an experienced, qualified and fully capable contractor helps ensure:

  • Fewer hours to complete your project
  • Safer work sites, thanks to rigorous training and a drug-free workforce
  • Experienced foremen to supervise and keep your project on track
  • Jobs done right, reducing long-term maintenance costs

Bottom line: The contractor you select should be part of a larger organization that serves as a “consumer watch dog” — to qualify, and ensure its workers meet the highest standards of quality.

As a service to consumers, the Finishing Solutions Network, an organization of more than 7,000 qualified contractors nationwide, many of whom are certified by outside agencies, has introduced The Perfect Fit System.

What is The Perfect Fit System?

It’s a 3-step process that matches your project needs with a qualified, experienced contractor who’s the perfect fit for you. At no cost and no obligation.

The Perfect Fit System is like a hotel concierge — just tell us what you need,
and we help you find it.

How does it work?

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