Owners & Property Mangers: Fill Your Space Faster

If you’re a facility owner or property manager, you’re pulled in two directions at once.

Your tenants want a beautiful space … fast turnaround … reduced budgets … and remarkable service.

You want a space that keeps ideal tenants in your building, and meets all specs and codes. You also want fast turnaround … reduced budgets … and remarkable service.managers

The solution? The Finishing Solutions Network.

Whether you need new construction, maintenance, or remodeling … for a retail, hotel, or office location … our Perfect Fit SystemTM matches you with the right contractor from our network of more than 7,000. All licensed, bonded, insured, trained, and experienced.

Here’s how our network can help you …

Right Start

We ask questions that others don’t. To deliver results that others can’t. Each of our contractors invests more than $1,000 annually for training in skills and safety. And they average 14 years of on-the-job experience. So you can be confident that your exact requirements – work schedule, safety concerns, work areas, tenants, security protocols, etc. – are clearly defined. Then, using our Perfect Fit SystemTM, one of our pros meets with you – in person or by phone – to find the ideal contractor for your project.

Right Work

Don’t take chances with a cut-rate workforce that can’t complete your project. Our experienced professionals often work 50% faster than untrained laborers. Your benefit? Lower total cost.

And because our workforce is so highly skilled, you won’t find paint on doorknobs, damaged window frames, or shoddy workmanship that drives your tenants to a competitor.

Other contractors hire based on who they know or even from unknown pools of labor. Only The Finishing Solutions Network gives you access to more than 7,000 qualified contractors who are pre-screened, certified, and experienced.

Right Results

Ultimately, your goal is to fill your building with tenants. We can help, by creating an attractive space – on time, on budget, and on spec – at the lowest total cost.

Your building speaks volumes. Smooth walls, clean lines and tight wall-covering all tell prospective tenants that your facility is a cut above the rest – and that their search is over.

First impressions can fill your space faster … or cost you dearly. Which do you want?

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