Done Right. On Time. On Budget

If you’re a general contractor or builder, you’re up against a tight schedule. Everything depends on putting the right people on the job – fast. If you’re scrambling to find workers or to get subcontractors to return your bids, you’re in trouble.

Relax. We’ve got you covered at the Finishing Solutions Network — with the right contractor for your project. Right now.

Here’s how you benefit from our network …


Meet Aggressive Schedules

Save time and ramp up faster when you tap into our network of more than 7,000 qualified contractors and 110,000 crafts people.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you — our entire workforce is pre-screened, licensed, bonded, insured and experienced in the paint, wall covering and glass trades.

Whether your project is public or private … construction, maintenance, remodeling, or renovation … in retail, office space, hotels, hospitals, schools, or heavy infrastructure … we can help you get it done. That means you can bid on — and win — larger, more lucrative projects.

Enjoy Lower Costs

You don’t have time to babysit contractors. Or worry about quality or callbacks. You need a qualified contractor who can hit the ground running, with expert workers who do it right, the first time – every time. And our research shows that our workers are among the most-productive you can find anywhere.

Example: Output per hour is 24% higher among our workers than non-credentialed, un-trained workforces, according to University of Maryland and Harvard research. And the productivity of our workers on commercial and retail projects was between 31% and 51% higher than less-trained, less-experienced workers, according to U.S. Labor Dept. research.

Save with Safety

Safety saves lives. It also saves money. Because our strict adherence to safety standards reduces liability, increases productivity, and lowers expense modification rates (MOD rates) for you.

Our rigorous training programs include OSHA 10 and 30 … Ladders and Scaffold … Aerial Work Platform …. Fall Protection … First Aid / CPR … Confined Space … and more. So you can hire with total confidence.

Bottom line: If you want to save time, bid on more projects, avoid hassles, and get the job done, there’s no substitute for the experienced contractors you’ll find at The Finishing Solutions Network.

Many of our 7,000+ contractors have been in business for more than 50 years. Let us match you with the most experienced, productive workers for your needs.

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