Trade Volunteers Help Build Home for U.S. Veteran Tony Chobanov

Recently, FSN was lucky enough to be involved in a heartwarming project building a new house for U.S. veteran Tony Chobanov. The new home was made possible by A Soldier’s Journey Home, a program that builds brand new homes for veterans like Tony. For over 10 years, Tony has struggled with the effects of TBI […]

Fighting Corrosion – How Finishing Can Save Billions

In the United States, there are an estimated 610,000 bridges. Replacing all of them when their useful life cycle has expired would cost American taxpayers billions of dollars. Thankfully, with proper maintenance, bridges and overpasses can fight off corrosion. All over the country, bridges and overpasses are susceptible to the destruction of corrosion. It’s the […]

How To Properly Quote Finishing Work

When you spec out quotes to finishing contractors, what’s the best way to go about doing it? How do you ensure a smooth bidding process and make sure you’re comparing apples to apples? When bidding, a clear scope of work is essential so you get proper comparisons in labor and material costs. To get that […]

Elevating Drywall to the Level of Fine Art

At FSN, we know plenty of drywall professionals that are considered artists at their craft. Seemingly effortlessly, they create incredibly smooth, clean surfaces, sometimes even adding decorative features like crown molding or wainscoting for texture and depth when requested. But there are a group of contractors that are taking the idea of drywall as art […]

The Best Roller Covers for the Job

Roller covers seem simple, but they’re a vital part of any paint job. The abundance of cover options can often overwhelm shoppers, and they’re often left with no choice but to trust the questionable expertise of home improvement store employees. Episode 9 of the FSN podcast will tell you everything you need to know about […]

Drywall vs Hockey Puck: Who Wins?

A lot of people think drywall is boring, but we’d wager that those people have never fired hockey pucks at it. HGTV’s Scott McGillivray recently put Habito Drywall to the test, firing wrist shot after wrist shot into it. How’d it hold up? See for yourself. That’s not a bad wrist shot McGillivray has, and […]

Solar Smart Windows Are Getting Smarter

Solar smart windows make rooms opaque and private when it’s bright out and become transparent when it’s cloudy. This helps control the room’s temperature. But the technology has its shortcomings. For example, what if you want a little privacy on a cloudy day? Or if you just want a transparent window to enjoy gorgeous, sunny […]

25 Christmas Songs, Ranked By FSN

This Christmas season, we had a little bit of fun. The four of us (Steve, Marisa, Russell, and Jerry) sat down and crafted our ranking of 25 holiday tunes. We took the average score of each song and came up with the FSN Top 25. Now, you can find lists of the best Christmas music […]

How to Pick the Right Paint Color

The human eye sees millions of colors. Your wall needs one or two colors, and you want them to be perfect. Oof. Not to worry. At the Finishing Solutions Network, we know paint. Here are some ways to pick the right paint color for your project. Don’t decide in-store. We’d wager your room looks nothing […]

Easy $20 DIY Wallpaper Fix

Here at the Finishing Solutions Network, we specialize in finding you the right person for the job, from our group of vetted and professional contractors. But we also love a good DIY project. When it comes to work around the house, wallpaper is often in need of a touch-up. If your wallpaper has come loose […]

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